1945: Social Distortion

Social Distortion came out of the SoCal scene with anger. They faced many hardships but made it in the world. If you listen to their music, you will hear true stories about real life and it's troubles...

Social Distortion also plays one of the best live shows i've ever seen. The crowd is so into them. The high moments are when they play the cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire", with a sing along response of the crowd. Their first album "Mommie's Little Monster", has just been reissued, and i'd advise anyone to go and check it out.

Their newest album is a masterpiece. True punk rock at it's finest. And for those who call them sell-outs, your all fools. Selling out is sacrificing your style to do what the label wants. Their style was not compromised. You will hear the fury that they had in their "Mommie's Little Monster" days. you will enjoy it if you buy it...Check it out.